Our Program's Philosophy

A medically-supervised weight loss program system designed for your lifestyle
The right tools make any job easier. For effective weight loss and sustainable results partner with our professional and knowledgeable staff and trust a system devised with your interests in mind.

Practical advice, healthy solutions and sustained results
The recipe to fuel your weight loss consists of behavior modification, medication and counseling. With our professional guidance you will have the skills you need to maintain your weight loss efforts.

Enabling you to take control of your weight loss and achieve your goals

  • The Plan Diet, exercise, the use of appetite suppressants, vitamins, chromium, B12 injections
  • Your First Consultation Brief physical exam, blood work, body fat composition, counseling
  • Follow-Up Visits Support and encouragement, results monitoring, B12 injections

Practical: Eat the same types of foods as your family, even when eating out don't feel deprived
Safe: Medications that have been used safely for years
New habits: Learn a healthy routine that will spur and sustain your results

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